Getting Thrown Out

Kat pops in. She throws a bag on the bar, grabs a drink which she downs in one gulp and begins, "My ex is throwing me out of his house. I haven't been able to find a handicapped accessible house I can afford in Murfreesboro that I can afford on disability. My daughter Jennifer is going for disability on her own (she has bipolar/ADD/severe anxiety plus nail patella syndrome). My son Corwyn has bipolar disorder/ADD/Aspergers and starts MTSU next Fall. He's looked for work but has never been called back. I've got a booster started with the Invisible Disability graphic on it that I made eons ago. I'm planning on making a few more graphics (yes, suggestions are welcome!). Of course, I'd love to get enough to buy this house from dick... um... my ex. But anything we get will go to getting someplace to live. ::big breath:: Here's the url for the booster. ::she hands a piece of paper for someone to tack up that says on it:: Please pass it around. The site lets you buy it or just donate as you please which is why I picked it. Thanks."

Kat walks up to the line and takes a big breath. "To men who actually do right and not what their frelling wives demand they do! ::snort::"


I've Been Away

I've been mainly on FB. Yesterday I was given a summons. My ex is suing me via our divorce for me to either get out lock, stock and barrel or to pay him for this house. As some of you may know, three of the four members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde; Stormageddon Dark Lord of All, Sir Merlin Fuzzybutt and Dame Rose Tyler of Horgwarts have been here all of their lives. Only StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty has ever lived anywhere else. Jennifer and Corwyn have lived here since 7th & 5th grade respectively. Jen has Bipolar/ADD/severe anxiety disorder and nail patella syndrome while Corwyn has Bipolar/ADD/Asperger's syndrome. Jen is up for disability. She has already seen the disability doctor for her mental disabilities. ::sigh:: She took Rose with her since Rose is her therapy cat. Corwyn is going to MTSU next Fall. I've put up a Booster campaign with the Invisible Disability shirt if anyone wants one. I'm going to put up one or more other shirts (if anyone wants a particular shirt, let me know, I'll put that one up). If I don't get enough to buy the house I'll just use the money to get a place for us to live. Please share the url!!

when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!


Dear Comcast Member,

The credit card we have on file for your Comcast Internet service was declined when we attempted to bill you on 11/02/2012 for your most recent service fees.

For this reason, your service could be suspended. Please visit our Account Information pages,

located at http://www.comcastDOTnetDOTXXXXXDOTbiz/be/redacted for your protection

and update your credit card information as soon as possible.

Once your credit card information is updated, you will be charged immediately, as soon as payment is received.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Online Session PID: 3342

Comcast Customer Care


Seriously?? Like you don't know my name?? Riiiiiight. No worries, the real Comcast now has all the headers for your loverly little email. It may or may not shut down your little operation but if enough of us do this when we get them.... muahahahahahahahaha!


Dear Comcast Member,

There was an issue with your last payment. You are required to validate your payment information in order to avoid
service suspension. Please update your payment methods.

Click the link below to visit Comcast Bill & Payment: of this redacted because of the fact that it's not really Comcast DUH!

NOTE! If your account information is not updated within the next 24 hours then your ability to use any services provided by
Comcast such as voice, broadband, wireless, adsl, cable, dialup and email might become restricted.

Thank you for using Comcast !

Please do not reply to this e-mail, as this is an unmonitored alias.


Gee, I think I shouldn't reply because it's from someone who is a spammer. BTW you really shouldn't use your own comcast addy dum-dum. Do you really think I'm so stupid that I'll respond to an email about billing from Comcast that A) doesn't have graphics and B) doesn't use my name?? ::rolls eyes::

Today's Spam

To begin with I'll explain how I managed to find you. I was surfing through sites and accidentlystumble upon your pictures and I thought that there is ok if I suggest him getting to know each other, right?)
So my name is Leonardo and I hope you won't ignore my letter and tell me your name.)
As I am the first one to write then I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm rather interesting girl and I'm a person who loves travelling so much that I'm even ready to walk the entire planet until the moment when I meet a man who I'd love for real and stay with him wherever he goes and whatever happens. sure, you may think that it sounds like castles in the air, however I actually think so.) Alright, I love meeting new interesting people who may tell me a lot of interesting stories which they had gone through.
So, what kind of man are you? You are cute, I know it for sure.) What are you interesting in? I hope you won't think that I'm just crazy and you'll tell me about yourself.)
I expect you to write back to me... maybe... tomorrow?))
I am really waiting for your answer. Please, write me back.
Talk to you later

::twitch:: Somehow I get the impression that this was written by someone with MPD. Seriously, Leonardo. A girl? Who has seen my pictures and thinks I'm a guy?? Glasses, definitely need glasses!! In other news, my fibro has gotten severe and I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Wheeeeee!
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I have a little blog about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde. On January 18th, 2012 like many people I posted a graphic about SOPA. Yesterday. Yes, yesterday, as in May the 21st, someone posted on that blog entry. Did they post about SOPA? No, my friends they did not post about SOPA. What pray tell did they post about you are wondering. Well, they posted what they are probably posting all over the interwebz.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SOPA":

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Gee. Gee Whiz. You think it might be a spammer friends and neighbors? ::looks around:: That's what I thought as well.
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Friday I saw Dr. Boomershine in Franklin, TN. He specializes in fibro & CFS. My pain doc had referred me for my fibro. I'd already been diagnosed with fibro & chronic myofascial pain. I came in with the five page form filled out and he came in and did the usual owowowowowowow poke & prod. Then he asked some questions and proceeded to tell me I had a severe case of fibro (which I hadn't realized but evidently I'm up to 11 out of 18 ick!) and I have CFS as well (gee, good thing I went to see him, yeah?). The upshot of it was since I'm on topomax & lamictal (I also have bipolar disorder) I'm going off of the lamictal and he's put me on ritalin which I've never taken. Whew. So, fifth day of half dose of lamictal and fourth day of ritalin. He also gave me a yellow band to work with. I've never worked with a band that low before. I use a recumbent bike for my bionic knees & I walk, both at least five days a week. I was out of it yesterday because I did three loads of laundry on Sunday and made the bed. And as for today...

Today I saw Doc Jones. My mammogram & ultrasound looked good but they said to have a biopsy done if the lumps hadn't gone away in a couple of weeks. Okey dokey. So she checked and left side was going away but the right side was still there, maybe a little diminished but given my family history she & I want to be on the conservative side. So off I go to Vandy's breast center to see a surgeon to have them evaluate me. Better safe than sorry. She also gave me new antibiotics to finish kicking the ass of my sinus infection (which the antibiotic that I got from the dentist didn't kick) and I got to give her two pendulums to try to see which one will work best for her. Have I mentioned lately how much my pcp rocks?

Today's Spam

No shit, this is exactly what it said...

hi my dear how are you today i hope that you are fine my name is rose adamlion am 23 years old am from Liberia please can we be a good friend's am a good girl with respect i will tell you all about me latter please i will expect your reply very soon please try to reply thanks from yours good friend rose.i find your email here on this website [website omitted]

At least they knew how to spell "hi", the subject header. Geez Louise!
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New book out that you NEED...

If you buy daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee) from this location you will be donating not just to a very worthy woman who rescues dogs & cats (often a last chance animal from being euthanized) but the rescue from where Audrey was sheltered. She and her daughters do an amazing job of rehabilitating ferals and working with injured and/or sick animals, it's just amazing. Everyone who has adopted from them gushes about how great her fosters are. In fact, if I could afford another cat I'd adopt one in a heartbeat. Take a look & buy her book. Thanks. We now return you to your regularly scheduled FB.

It's also on Amazon but she doesn't make as much there.
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This is Not Good. It costs $2200+ to get my lift on the van so I can actually use my electric wheelchair by my-bleeding-self. I am back from the dentist. It costs more than I thought it was going to be... $647. Add that to the $555 whatsit that I owe in copay for my electric wheelchair and I can't afford the bleeding lift. ::head:laptop:repeat:: Anyone wanna buy a necklace? Two? Three?? I've got pics up on my FB page here & frap I can't find the others, I'll have to make a fricking folder and put them all up. gah like I have the energy to do that. The only upside is that while I'm on the nitrous I don't hurt. It's the only time I don't hurt. ::sigh:: I'm praying that this new guy will help.